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The New Era of Ride-Hail & Public Transit Cooperation: 5 Case Examples

EVs, food delivery, micro mobility services — these are just some of the ways ride-hail companies have started to innovate their services in recent years. But what’s the next big thing? Collaboration with public transit, and it’s not just Uber doing it. This is an opportunity for ride-hail, taxi, and PHV operators – big and small.

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Going Green Beyond Electric Cars: A Case for Taxis, Ride-Hail & PHV Operators

Sustainable urban mobility – this is something on everyone’s mind: local-authorities, taxi, ride-hail and PHV operators, and consumers. Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting a lot of attention, as they can be a swift solution to emissions issues. But they are not a magic bullet solution to all our issues. Beyond improving car emissions, we also need to radically change how we use cars, and taxi, ride-hail, and PHV operators have a big role in this shift.

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Pushing the Future of Public Transit: 5 New Forms of Mobility Local Authorities Are Embracing

Since the first omnibuses took to the streets in the 1800s, public transit has evolved a fair bit. Today, local authorities are under mounting pressure to continue innovating how they deliver and support public transit to better serve citizens in a way that is also sustainable for the environment. And as they innovate, we see a new era of cross-sector collaboration.  

Urban Mobility Post-Pandemic

Urban Mobility Post-Pandemic: The Opportunity for Taxi & Ride-Hailing Industry

Looking at the urban mobility industry in 2021 and beyond, I am expecting a new normal will emerge where we combine working from home and working from the office into a new weekly rhythm. This will significantly decrease the commute needs of mainly the knowledge workers representing 26% of the workforce and create a unique opportunity for ride-hailing and the taxi industry.