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Going Green Beyond Electric Cars: A Case for Taxis, Ride-Hail & PHV Operators

Sustainable urban mobility – this is something on everyone’s mind: local-authorities, taxi, ride-hail and PHV operators, and consumers. Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting a lot of attention, as they can be a swift solution to emissions issues. But they are not a magic bullet solution to all our issues. Beyond improving car emissions, we also need to radically change how we use cars, and taxi, ride-hail, and PHV operators have a big role in this shift.

Person crossing road with bike-share bikes and cars parked on side of road

Pushing the Future of Public Transit: 5 New Forms of Mobility Local Authorities Are Embracing

Since the first omnibuses took to the streets in the 1800s, public transit has evolved a fair bit. Today, local authorities are under mounting pressure to continue innovating how they deliver and support public transit to better serve citizens in a way that is also sustainable for the environment. And as they innovate, we see a new era of cross-sector collaboration.