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November 11, 2020

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At Mileus, we make our cities more liveable. By moving the experience of commuting to a higher level.

Mileus guarantees that every day, you can get home from work comfortably and easily – with an automated combination of public transport and taxi dropping you off right at your door.

We create new, sustainable possibilities for comfortable commuting in large cities. Building a technological platform that innovates urban mobility and motivating residents to leave their cars at home.

We’re now looking for a UX & UI / Software Product Designer with a strong understanding of design systems, human centered design principles and an eye and attention for visual details.

Are you a skilled product designer? Do you have experience in designing UX and UI for both responsive web apps and mobile applications? And do you want to work on a meaningful project that will impact our daily life? Then keep on reading.



We’re building Mileus Transactional Product, a API based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that will allow transportation service providers and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) aggregators to deliver intermodal transportation services to their users.

This involves utilising public transport timetable data, road network data, integrating with partner systems, collecting and processing data from them and building a routing API which is able to effectively combine public transport with ride-hailing & taxi services. This way, we offer the end customers journey plans that are both comfortable and affordable at the same time. See our product simulation video.

We’re also building Mileus Analytics, a set of modeling tools that will help transportation service providers and (MaaS) aggregators to plan and implement intermodal and integrated mass transportation services on micro-region (i.e. residential area) level basis. This involves quantifying clusters of residential areas and modeling transportation intent inflow models for each residential cluster.

Our (current) product involves:

  • Open APIs,
  • Operational admin console, Business Intelligence, and analytics web app tools providing insights to model performance of the transportation systems, plan and implement transportation business cases and control intermodal service operations,
  • and UI functionality for end-users, mostly as open mobile and web SDKs to be integrated into platforms  of our customers. 



As a Software Product Designer, you will be finding solutions that allow customers to intuitively use our product. Among others, you will work on the interactive visualisations of market quantifications, business impact analysis results, market validation results, functions of interactive business planning and functionality for visualizing and controlling operational aspects of a transportation service.

That includes:

  • designing information flows and visualisations of complex systems into easy to understand form for users to derive insights from,
  • helping implement new products (SW tools & applications) and feature improvements,
  • analyzing how a new product satisfies market needs and consumer preferences,
  • recommending new tools and technologies by staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques,
  • and always focusing on the needs of the customer..

We are looking for someone with:

  • ability to produce production-ready UI,
  • background in designing responsive web app and mobile app experiences from start to finish as a UX and UI designer,
  • existing portfolio showcasing previous UX & UI work for desktop and touch devices,
  • strength in communicating design concept ideas through sketches,
  • natural collaborator and communicator personality, able to develop and present UX and design ideas,
  • curiosity about current industry trends and market conditions,
  • and passion for design; someone who is not satisfied with the status quo and is always thinking of ways to improve.

Does this sound like you? Join us at Mileus immediately (or ASAP) as our freelance Software Product Designer. This position is part-time with and expected engagement growth to a full-time collaboration in the future.



  • Open company culture, freedom & trust | We don’t do office politics and we’re as transparent and open as one can be. We are not “Jacks of all trades”, yet you won’t hear “that’s not my job” answer here, either. Instead of hierarchy, we focus on what drives results – cross-functional cooperation between Product and Business. There’s one big risk, though – you may never want to return to a corporate job. 
  • Intensive learning & growth | Experimenting, failing and learning. The work is diverse and the technological complexity is an exciting challenge. You’ll be learning and growing fast – guaranteed.
  • True startup experience & impact | We’re a young, growing startup where every day is a new adventure and everyone can have a huge impact on the value we create – on how urban mobility will work in our cities. 
  • Flexible work time | We don’t do “fully-remote”, yet we are very flexible in terms of working hours as well as in-the-office and home-office time split to adapt to everybody’s needs.
  • Option to co-own the company | We have an ESOP Plan (Employee Stock Option Plan) in place to let our team co-own Mileus. You can have a share in the success and value we create.

We help make our cities more liveable. And we find purpose and great excitement in doing so.

If making an impact is what you are looking for, this is the place to be. Send us your LinkedIn profile and/or CV and let’s get to know each other!

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