Mileus Wins the Czech & Slovak Final of the Tech Rocketship Awards

Ondrej Dlask

December 2, 2020

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Tech Rocketship Awards


reat news! We’re delighted to announce that Mileus has been selected among the winners of the Czech & Slovak final of the UK Tech Rocketship Awards. The Awards are designed to turbocharge the international growth of Europe’s best, brightest and most innovative startups via the UK.

The Tech Rocketship Awards, sponsored by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT), specialise in helping overseas companies set up and invest in the UK and assisting UK companies to succeed in global trade.

Winners will receive a tailor-made programme connecting them to the UK’s world-leading growth ecosystem including venture capital firms, in-market advisers, customers and forward-thinking support networks.

Watch the video introducing the Tech Rocketship Awards:

Mileus. Commuting home. Comfortably.

Mileus succeeded in the Future Mobility and Travel category, covering innovative technologies in travel, smart cities, autonomous and connected vehicles, urban connectedness and related technologies.

During the pitch, our CMO Veronika Froncova painted a picture of a struggle of people living away from the city centre, which includes transferring, walking and waiting in between the transfers, and then walking back home. This commute can become quite uncomfortable.

That’s where Mileus comes in. Mileus guarantees that every day, you can get home comfortably and easily – without your own car.

We’re seeing a paradigm shift today as we’re increasingly focusing on moving more people rather than cars down the road. But an important question arises:

How do we motivate citizens to leave their cars at home?

At Mileus, we’ve found out we can have the greatest impact by focusing on a single use case – the evening commute home – and making it as comfortable as possible.

How? With intermodal transportation solution automatically interconnecting transit in city centres with taxi services in areas of low transit serviceability.

Grow your ride-hailing business with intermodality

Learn how you can:

  • Boost search to ride conversion rate
  • Increase ride frequency and average revenue per user
  • Improve vehicle utilisation and fleet efficiency

Download our free case study to find out how you can grow your ride-hailing business sustainably by providing intermodal service to customers.

This solution ultimately benefits the commuters who can get home comfortably in the evening; the cities which will see a decrease in cars, congestion, and pollution; and finally, the taxi and ride-hailing operators who are enabled to grow rapidly, yet sustainably.

Watch our pitch presented by our CMO Veronika:

What’s next?

The Czech & Slovak Final involved a panel of experienced judges – Michael Jacobsen (Business Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and judge of the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards), Petra Dzurovcinova (Chief Innovation Officer, City of Bratislava), Jaroslav Trojan (Managing Partner, Nation 1) and Tony Kypreos (Dealmaker, Global Entrepreneur Programme) – who have chosen Mileus along with other two Czech and Slovak startups to progress into the next round of the competition.

Watch the winner announcement:

In the final stage of the competition – the European round – Mileus will compete with other startups from all over Europe and Israel.

It’s an amazing recognition on our journey towards innovating urban mobility and creating more sustainable modes of commute in our cities. We are determined to continue making a positive impact and are looking forward to participating in the European final of the Tech Rocketship Awards. 


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